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2018 FABO | 中国“数制”工坊的“FABO Academy X|智造学术X”系列课程以及FABO Playground | 中国“数制”乐园暑期夏令营开始接受报名

2018 FABO | 中国“数制”工坊暑期工作营及创客嘉年华



Broadband connectivity, cloud computing, social media, data collection and management are converging, fundamentally altering how we interact, consume, and transport, shaping a new urban landscape blurred by a simultaneity of digital and physical stimuli. This process is called “digitization”.

How will the implementation of digital fabrication tools affect design, life and interaction within new habitats? How might we shape a new digital consciousness of our environments?

As part of the GSS18 program, students will define strategies for the applications of Advanced Digital Design Strategies as an essential mean for change. Testing the combination of software and hardware students will explore real-time data capture, energy generation, storage and reuse, material adaptability, real-time management of time-uses and citizen-space interaction.


FABO Academy X | 中国“智造学术X” 2018年暑期集训营(学生)(编号:FABOX-S-1)

FABO Academy X, China, is a 3 week course into digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Here you will learn how to envision, prototype and document your ideas through many hours of hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools. The course is based on MIT’s How To Make Almost Anything class and Fab Academy global class and can be used as a stepping stone to enter the full Fab Academy course.

The date for the 3 weeks “FABO X” course (Course Number: FABOX-2018-S-1) is from July 23rd, 2018 to August 11th, 2018! It is an intimate and small class, so If you want to join, please hurry!

Zero Basic Learning!“FABO X” summer course developed by Fablab O is hot enrollment. These courses are for everyone, such as entrepreneurs, STEAM teachers, technicians and designers;It can help high school and college studentspresent high-quality portfolios and top overseas universitiesapplication,  link seamlessly university graduates design worksto hardware entrepreneurship; Our organization will also provides high-payingjobs for the course graduates.

FABO Academy X|中国“智造学术X”是一个三周的数字制造和快速成型程。在这里你将会学习到如何把你的想法通过几个小时的数字制造工具的实践操作来想象、塑型、记录。这课程基于麻省理工学院的How To Make Almost Anything(HTGAA)课程和Fab Academy 全球课程,由同济大学FABO实验室的团队来发,是简约版本,也是踏入完整的Fab Academy课程的基石。

2018年第一期智造学术X课程开始报名了! 中国”数制”工基于美国麻省理工全球的网络课程FAB Academy基础开发的经典版本FABO X Academy |“数智学术X”(课程号码:FABOX-2018-S-1),时间在暑假:2018年7月23日-8月11日,这是3周集中课程,尤其适合本地或者外地集中时间的学员。

零基础!Fablab O |中国“数制”工坊开发的“智造学术X”课程暑假班火热招生中,课程体系适合创业者、参与STEAM教育的老师、技术人员及设计师!能助力高中生、大学生完成高质量作品集,申请海外顶级大学;帮助大学生毕业设计作品到硬件创业的无缝链接;我们机构也为课程毕业生推介高薪职位。

FABO Playground|中国“数制”乐园系列课程