The Chinese Society of Education, in conjunction with Tongji University, will hold a series of activities entitled “From STEM to STEAM, Structure and Mechanism Design of A-Led Innovation STEAM Education” International Symposium from October 29 to November 3, 2019 at FABO  of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University. At the same time, it is also the grand finale of Tongji Design Week.

随着 “互联网”、“人工智能”时代的到来,第三次工业革命下创客“由下而上”的创新模式已经成为推进社会、经济的革新力量。教育是创新的源头,也是国家创新竞争力的基础。

With the advent of the era of Internet and Artificial Intelligence, the “bottom-up” innovation mode of maker under the third industrial revolution has become a driving force for social and economic innovation. Education is the source of innovation and the foundation of the country’s innovative competitiveness. 

在智能时代,面向未来的教育打破学科的间隙、学校的围墙,视世界为课堂,“4C能力”(Critical Thinking;Communication;Collaboration;Creativity), 即批判性思维、沟通能力、协作能力、创新创造能力。作为21世纪人才必备的四项能力,为培养未来社会发展所需人才指明了方向。STEAM 教育是探索 21 世纪人才培养的一种创新型教育理念与举措,它是一种提倡终生学习的全人教育。强调打破学科边界,不被所学专业局限,运用多学科知识解决真实生活情境中的问题,在此过程中培养学生的综合素养。STEAM教育的内涵与”4C能力”的培养要求不谋而合,成为智能时代”4C能力”培养的重要教育载体。

        In the era of intelligence, future-oriented education breaks through the gaps between disciplines and the walls of schools and regards the world as a classroom.The 4C Capabilities refers to Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. As the four necessary abilities for talents in the 21st century, it points out the direction for cultivating talents needed for future social development. STEAM education is an innovative educational concept and measure for talent cultivation in the 21st century. It is an holistic education that advocates lifelong learning. Emphasis is placed on breaking discipline boundaries, not being limited by the major, using multidisciplinary knowledge to solve problems in real life, and cultivating students’ comprehensive qualities. The core of STEAM education coincides with the requirements for the cultivation of 4C  capabilities and has become an important educational carrier for the cultivation of 4C capabilities in the age of intelligence.

本次峰会将会将深入展开STEAM教育的构架建构及机制发展的讨论。发掘以“A”为引领,将泛艺术/Art、人文与科学 / Science、 技术/ Technology、工程/ Engineering、数学/ Mathematics的完美结合,以设计思维(Design Thinking)、项目式学习PBL(Project Based Learning)为基础建构STEAM的顶层框架和思维逻辑创新,并探讨STEAM教育的新途径。同时就师资建设,平台建设,国际趋势和本土化,标准化及个性化,城乡差异等重点问题作深层次探讨

       This symposium will further discuss the framework construction and mechanism development of STEAM education. We will take Art as the leading discipline, perfectly combining Art, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, constructing the top-level framework and logical innovation of STEAM based on Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning, and explores new ways of STEAM education. At the same time, in-depth discussions will be also made on key issues such as construction of teaching staff and platform, international trends and localization, standardization and personalization, and rural-urban differences.


总体安排/Overall Schedule

10月29日 签到/check in

主题讨论,实践工作坊/Thematic discussions, workshop practice

Open Innovation Visit/Pre-Forum/Workshop

Honored Guests(including proposed)

全球FABLAB 嘉宾 / Global Fablab Guests

Neil A. Gershenfeld/尼尔·格申斐尔德
Professor, Director , Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT

Sherry J Lassiter
Project Manager,Center for Bits annd Atom, MIT;CEO FAB Foundation

Basile Fiore
Fab基金会首席信息官,Fab Academy全球数制学术课程项目负责人Chief Information Officer of Fab Foundation, Head of Fab Academy Global Fablab Academic Program

Fablab O |中国第一个“数制”工坊创始人,同济大学设计创意学院,环境设计专业副主任,副教授
Founder and Director of  FABO; Associate Professor, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

Cecilia Raspanti
Director of Textile Academy, Waag Society 

Lucas Evers 
Director of Bio Hack Academy, Waag Society 

Sarah Prendergast Wallace
SCOPE STEAM项目老师带头人,美国克利夫兰大都会校区Fab Lab项目负责人
SCOPE Program Teachers leader, Cleveland Metro School District Fab Lab Coordinator

Saverio Silli
Fablab O|中国“数制”工坊课程开发导师,FABO X 课程总监。同济大学设计创意学院,研究助理
FAB Academy Guru; Curriculum Development Manager, Director of FABO X; Research Assistant of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

Daniele Ingrassia
FABAcademy全球权威导师,莱茵瓦尔应用科学大学科学助理FABAcademy Guru, Scientific Assistant for Rhine Waal University of Applied Sciences

全球创新教育嘉宾 / Global Innovation Education Guests

Suzie Boss
Member of the American PBLworks committee,  PBL advocate.

Kostas Terzidis
Artificial Intelligence Expert, Former Associate Professor of Academy of Design,Harvard University; Professor of College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University;

Researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor and doctoral supervisor of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chief scientist and principal of Beijing Zhongke Qingyun experimental school;

Professor of Academy of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University; Executive Deputy Director of course center, Nanjing Normal University, Ministry of Education; Deputy Director of Primary School Science Teaching Committee of Chinese Society of Education;

中国教育科学研究院STEM教育研究中心主任王素, 中国教育科学研究院国际与比较教育研究所所长
Su Wang, Director of STEM Education Research Center of National Institute Of Education Sciences, Director of World Council of Comparative Education Societies, National Institute Of Education Sciences

Principal of Beijing Bayi Middle School. Master in National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; senior teacher of middle school; member of Haidian District High School Teaching Expert Group.

更多嘉宾陆续揭晓中,敬请关注。/More honored guests will be announced, please stay tuned.

工作坊/研讨会一览 /
Overview of Workshops and Senimars


  • 项目式学习/Project Based Learning
  • 项目式学习中的项目管理/Project Manager in Projetc Based Learning
  • 吸管机器人:用吸管制作步行机器人/Strawbotics: Making walker robots with straws
  • 豆豆机器人/DouDou Robots
  • 生物材料/BIO Material 
  • 会动的画(跨领域课程分享)/Moving pictures (Interdisciplinary course sharing)
  • 纸折生物显微镜 / Paper-Folding Bio-Microscope
  • 适用于K-12学生的SCOPES DF课程/SCOPES DF- Lessons for your K-12 classroom
  • “数制城市”设计工作坊—-城市怎样自给自足/Fabcity Design Workshop: How can a city produce everything it consumes? 
  • 如何制作几乎可以制作万物的机器/How to Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything
  • 开源循环时尚/Open Source Circular Fashion
  • Scratch编程工作坊/ Coding by Scratch
  • 创意机关王/Creative mechanism
  • 木工工作坊/ Carpenter Workshop


  • 研讨会:如何在校内建设一个适合你的FABLAB实验室和STEAM课程 / How To Build A Fablab And STEAM Curriculum System At Your School?
  • 如何在C端建立数制工坊中心/FABLAB O X and FABLAB Playground / How to build a FABLAB training center out of school?
  • 项目制学习 / Project Based Learning
  • PBL,合作学习 / Collaborative Learning Practice In PBL
  • STEAM课程评价 /  Assessment in STEAM Education
  • 如何开展一场创客比赛 / How To Organize A Maker Competition?

More details will be announced, please stay tuned.

Fablab O|中国“数制”工坊深耕于同济大学设计创意学院(设计学科QS全球18,亚洲第一;教育部双一流学科),在美国麻省理工大学为首的全球Fablab系统的长期合作中,在全球分布式FabAcademy的课程基础上,在多年的创客教育实践基础上,联合中国教育学会科创教育联盟共同开展一场有关青少年 “做中学|Learning by Doing” 创客教育国际论坛和工作坊,展开在中国如何以大学和研究机构为依托,开展STEAM创客教育和生态系统建设的研讨。

Fablab O is deeply rooted in Tongji University’s College of Design and Innovation (QS, design discipline ranks 18th in the world, No.1 in Asia; Double First-Class Rate of the Ministry of Education.) In the long-term cooperation with the global Fablab system led by MIT in USA, on the basis of the global distributed Fab Academy courses and many years of maker education practice, in conjunction with Scientific and Innovative Education Alliances of the Chinese Society of Education, it will launch an international forum and workshop on maker education- “Learning by Doing” for adolescence, to discuss how to carry out STEAM maker education and construct ecosystem in China relying on universities and research institutions.


We hereby invite you to attend this STEAM Education Summit and meet with the international leaders in STEAM education, and to share and discuss with all levels of school principals and front-line teachers .

报名信息/Registration information 

Time: October 29 to November 3, 2019


  • 1500元(全程参会:3天工作坊和主题研讨,含所有材料;峰会;创新学校和实验室参访)早鸟票(通票):1180元
  • 600元(仅参加11月2日峰会)早鸟票(仅参加11月2日峰会):480元


  • 1500 RMB (full participation: 3-day workshop and thematic discussion, including all documents, Summit and Visit to Innovative Schools and Laboratories)Early Bird Ticket (Pass): 1180 RMB
  • 600 RMB (Summit for November 2 Only)Early Bird Tickets (Summit for November 2 Only): 480 RMB

Registration and payment : register by scanning the QR code below or clicking “read the original text” 

详情咨询/For Details:
Rio Xue:18621284185

创新实验室解决方案提供商、活动赞助商招募/Partner Recruitment



021-80181915,18621284185   薛老师/Rio




首届环同济设计周以“新十年”为主题,通过举办论坛、展览、讲座、工作坊等30余项精彩活动,寻求下一个十年全球设计的发展机遇,探讨“工业杨浦-知识杨浦-创新杨浦”的转型路径,明确世界一流设计学院在其中所承担的使命。作为设计周最重要的学术会议,第八届“新兴实践”设计研究与教育会议 (EPC)以“AI时代的不确定性之美”为主题,全球知名的设计思想家、教育家和实践者将如期分享他们的观察、思考和探索。


以 “新十年 A New Decade” 为主题的2019年首届环同济设计周,将于10月14日—11月4日,在同济大学设计创意学院和杨浦滨江南段(2号船坞、绿之丘)举行。

详情请点击链接: 2019环同济设计周开启“新十年”


中国教育学会(The Chinese Society of Education,缩写为CSE)是中国成立最早、规模最大的全国性教育学术团体,为教育部直属单位 。