FAN6 SHANGHAI – Fablab Asia Network 6th Conference

After two years of waiting, the Fablab Asia Network finally reunite again in Shanghai and anywhere in the world!

FAN6 is the sixth meeting of the Fablab Asia Network and it will take place on January 6 and 7, 2022, with a mixed online-onsite format. The event is hosted by Fablab O Shanghai and Tongji University College of Design and Innovation, with panels, talks, workshops and some fun times!

There will also be time to see the most recent updates from all the Fablabs in Asia, learn and share new interesting things in the workshops and talks sessions, take a virtual tour of Shanghai’s hidden treasures and party all together!

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You can download all the video recordings from the panels, sessions, talks and workshops from the list, please let us know if you encounter problems with the links and we will fix.

Day 1 TopicVideo Link
Opening Ceremony, Morning Panel, FabExercise
Panel: “The role of the Fablabs in STEAM Education”
Fablab UpdatesFacebook
Workshop 01 Pieter van der Hijden
How to align your fablab with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Workshop 02Rico Kanthatham
Make your own “Foldscope”
Workshop 03Christian Kuhna
Fab Lab as a central hub for co-living community
Workshop 04Gerald Jan Demecillo
Surgical Planning Model Development for Head and Neck Surgery
Talk 1Arundhati Jagadish Jadhav
How Innovation Hub/Fablab should work for STEAM (Muktangan Exploratory Science Center)
Talk 2Marcello Tania
Introduction to Artificial Inteligence via Neuroevolution
Talk 3Gaspard Berger
PlugNPlay: A hybrid physical digital methodology (art+technology)
Day 2 TopicVideo Link
Main ConferenceMorning Panel, FAN7 Discussion, FabExercise
Panel: “Post Covid-19 Fab Life”
Workshop 1Nicolas Lai
Cyanotype Painting
Workshop 2Alisa Liu
Make your own Stool! Stool Design
Talk 1Pradnya Kunal Jagtap Shindekar
Rural Independent Fablab
Talk 2Nuria Robles
Fab for Education
Talk 3Pamela Martello
Fab Tools for Jewelry Design
Talk 3Rentor Ycaza Cafino
3D printing in the Otorhinolaryngology

Live Panels (Thursday and Friday, 10.00AM)

How can Fablabs have an impact on traditional education models in the Asia region? The launching panel, The role of the Fablabs in STEAM Education, will see experts from the network discuss their experiences and propose new modes for the future of education.

In the second panel, “Post Covid-19 Fab Life” we will talk about the ways the pandemic changed us and try to imagine how Fablabs can be at the forefront of this new era.

Fablab Updates (Thursday, 1:30PM)

What have we been up to in the last couple of years? How did we evolve, what new projects have we been working on, what interesting experiences happened to us? Let’s hear it from the network! Several Fablabs in the Asia Region will make a short presentation to give us an update of their recent activities.

Workshops and Talks (Thursday from 3:00PM / Friday from 1:30PM)

It’s been a while since we have seen each other, and here is the time to share new inspiring activities. Talks and Workshops will be organised by several friends of the Fablab Network, spanning from United Nations SDGs to Medical 3D print, to Jewellery.

We will have several ZOOM rooms, opening in parallel, choose the one you prefer or jump around. Each activity will be recorded and available for watching in the following days.

FAN7 Discussion (Friday, 11:15)

We know it is not easy to commit to be the next host of the FAN conference in such a troubled time, nevertheless we will have a discussion open to Fablabs who would like to be candidates or trying to think together about the future format of the conference.

Closing Party (Friday, 4:00PM)

We are going to have a closing ceremony and a party to celebrate the Asia network, meet old friends and have some “virtual” fun. How To Party Almost Anywhere Online! Just join the main conference room, turn on camera and speaker and have fun! You can bring your own drink and wear a funny hat!


Most of you who voted for Shanghai to host FAN6 were very excited to be able to visit our wonderful city… We want to share with you some videos from Shanghai, its hidden secrets and the tourist spots, just tune in the Main Conference during the break time and take a stroll downtown!

We hope you enjoyed the Conference

FAN6 SHANGHAI is brought to you by Fablab O Shanghai, Jeff Ding, Jeffrey Lin and Saverio Silli, and made possible with the help of Rico Kanthatham of Skylab Workshop, Ted Hung of Fablab Taipei and all the speakers, presenters, volunteers & friends in the Fablab Network!


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