世界正在数字化;全世界数字互联,本土制造 – 这将本质上影响全球和本土的格局。

The world becomes digital. Digital profiles are shared globally but manufactured locally, essentially effecting the local and global manufacturing landscapes.


A fab lab is a modular smart manufacturing laboratory, founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A fab lab is not only a place where everyone can make their own products, but a platform to promote the new consuming mode – “self-sufficient making”, that reduces energy waste caused by mass-production chains in the industrial era. 

Fablab O | 中国“数制”工坊是大陆第一个Fablab实验室,依托同济大学设计创意学院,着力打造中国创新生态链,建构中国精准STEAM教育课程系统,将智能制造,生物科技,人工智能融合在设计造物和教学中。 

Fablab O is the first built fab lab in mainland China. Rooted in the School of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, it is committed to building China’s innovation ecosystem and constructing STEAM education curriculums, which integrate intelligent manufacturing, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, etc. into design, making and teaching.  

Mobile Fablab O是可移动、灵活变形的 “数制”魔方是FABO空间和内容模块化的尝试,魔方以标准集装箱模块为载体,通过运载,可以移动在全世界的任何角落;可伸缩的结构让空间具有延伸性,通过不同组合形成功能多项组合;数据云端互联,形成人与人,机器与机器,人与机器的高效数据交换途径。FABO中国数字工坊联合相关部门和机构,在中国打造1000个这样的实验室,编织出一种全新的中国分布式智造(Distributed Manufacture)的数制网络。

Mobile FABO is an attempt to modularize our space and content into a standard container. Therefore, it can be moved anywhere in the world! The scalable structure makes the space  extensible, forming multiple functional layouts through different combinations. Cloud provides efficient data-exchange paths between people and people, machines and machines, people and machines. In order to build a new distributed manufacturing network, Fablab O, coupled with related organizations and departments as well as investors, is planning another 1000 fab labs to form the distributed manufacturing network in China.

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