Shanghaino | “小上海”智能板

由Fablab O |中国“数制”工坊开发的“小上海”是世界知名的Arduino的定制版本,这是一个易于使用的硬件和软件的开源电子平台。“小上海”是一个简单但功能强大的电路板。在这里,您将了解它是如何工作的,了解它的组件,焊接它,并由此上传第一个程序。

Shanghaino, developed by Fablab O, is a custom version of the worldwide famous Arduino, an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. The Shanghaino is a simple but powerful PCB board. You will learn how it works, understand its components, solder it and upload the first program on it.


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